Exactly How Long It Takes To Lose Muscle If You Stop Working Out

So you skip one day at the gym, which quickly turns into 5 and before you know it you're replacing lifting dumbbells with lifting the remote. How long does it take for your body to go from ultra-fit and ab-tastic to total couch-potato? Well, a new study by the University of Copenhagen asked men in two different age groups to brace one leg for two weeks and not workout. Immobilizing their leg resulted in the first group (men in their 20's) losing 34% of their muscle strength in just two weeks. For the other group (men in their 60's), they lost 26% in two weeks. muscle This isn't the most shocking finding in the study. After their strength was loss, the men began a 6-week cycling routine. Each group managed to regain muscle strength after 6 weeks of intense training, but didn't amass the same strength they had started with. The study goes to show that consistent exercise is very important, and should be continued into older age. Even if you are stricken by an injury, like a braced knee, it is vital to workout however you can. Try focusing on your upper-body while your leg heals, but never become completely sedentary. What are your thoughts? Do you agree with these results? Source: Prevention

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