What Exactly Is Merman Hair and Is It Replacing The Man Bun?

It could be, finally, the end of the man bun trend. Before, you take to the streets in celebration ladies, brace yourselves. Because the merman hair trend is creeping up on Instagram... Merman hair seems to be a weird answer to the Kylie Jenner inspired mint green dye. While, Kylie rocked her pastel waves, the men of social media just...well...see for yourself. Not everyone is sticking to green either. It seems mermen are embracing a rainbow of pastel shades to sport. And then there are those who decided to get their facial hair in on the fun. Check out #merbeard over here! Hopefully, this will come and go faster then you can say man bun. What are your thoughts on this latest trend? Are you pro or anti merman? Do you prefer this look to the infamous man bun?

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