Excuse me, how did you get that HOT bod?

Why does it seem like EVERYONE is only interested in the hot bod and not how the hot bod was earned?  Um, excuse me, how did you get that HOT bod? Your selfie bikini or shirtless picture is great to look at and can be inspiring, but I want to know HOW you obtained that body.  Where did those abs come from? Is this a photo-shopped picture?  What do you eat everyday?  Do you actually workout or were you born like this?  These are the hard facts that everyone and myself included, want to know! It is hard for me to understand why the picture of a bikini clad girl with abs receives more attention than a girl dressed in workout gear with a sweaty face, performing a hard workout receives.  Does the public not want to know how to achieve these bodies? But, when it comes down to it, sex sells.  Shirtless dudes and half dressed ladies are intriguing and nice to look at.  Rather than do the work, some people may prefer to look at the finished product. All I have to say is luckily we have the dailyhitt to really get down to work for those abs.  So, excuse me, how did you get that HOT bod, oh ya, just check out my sweaty daily workout posts and you will find out!   bikinipic   OR... bc

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