Exercise And Do Your Chores With This Incredible Eco-Friendly Bicycle

Do you ever feel like there are not enough hours in the day? Between work, children, errands, exercise and household chores, it can feel like you are being buried by your to-do list. And lets face it, for most of us, when things get busy, exercise is the first thing to fall away.  But, a new invention, designed by students at Dalian Nationalities University in China,  can save you time while increasing your fitness levels! Bike_1 The Bike Washing Machine (BiWa) is a human powered washing machine that will take your multitasking to the next level while saving water and boosting your activity level. The pedals spin the front wheel which is the drum that holds the clothing. The energy created is used to power a display screen that shows the rider where they are in the wash cycle. The best part, you can use the bike whenever you want -- even when you aren't doing laundry. Any excess energy that is created can be stored and for later use. Bike_2 This invention can create spare time AND help you get fit! Incredible! Laundry never looked so exciting! Hopefully this product can be successfully replicated and brought to market because anything that can save time and money (think of the savings on your water and electricity bill!) while allowing you to exercise is something we want in our lives! At BodyRock, we can save you even more time! Combining cycling and laundry into one is a great start, but it won't give you a complete body workout. We can help you out with the BodyRock Beginner Bootcamp and/or the BodyRock Intermediate Bootcamp. Both programs offer a brand new, real time workout, delivered to your inbox every day for 30 days. At 10-12 minutes a piece, these workouts are easy to fit into your busy day. All you have to do is open the email and show up! These professionally designed programs are offered to you absolutely free! That’s right, you will get the expertise of our trainers, Edith and Lisa, at no cost to you!  A professional workout, in your own home, for free. Can you really afford not to give it a try? You can find the Beginner Bootcamp here and the Intermediate Bootcamp here. What do you think? If this bike were available to you, would you use it? Source: True Activist  

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