Exercise is great for you, but it won't make you lose weight?!

A recent report from the UK's Academy of Medical Royal Colleges described ‘the miracle cure’ of performing 30 min of moderate exercise, 5x a week, as more powerful than many drugs used for chronic disease prevention as well as management. Regular physical activity DOES reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, dementia and some cancers by at least 30%, BUT it does not promote weight loss. I am sure there are many of you out there who can refute this statement. Maybe they need to try some of BR.Tv's workouts! In the past 30 years, as the levels of obesity have soared, there hasn't been much change in the physical activity levels in the Western population. This then places the blame for expanding waist lines directly on the type and amount of calories ingested. However, the obesity epidemic represents only a small portion of the horrible health consequences of poor diet. According to the Lancet global burden of disease reports, poor diet now generates more disease than physical inactivity, alcohol and smoking combined. WOW! Really? I did not know that! Up to 40% of those with a normal body mass index will have metabolic abnormalities typically associated with obesity, which include hypertension, dyslipidaemia, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and cardiovascular disease. These are all life-style related diseases! Instead of this being addressed the media often lets us think that it is OK to eat whatever you want as long as you exercise. This could not be farther from the truth. Many people still wrongly believe that obesity is entirely due to lack of exercise.

Coca Cola, who spent $3.3 billion on advertising in 2013, pushes a message that ‘all calories count’; they associate their products with sport, suggesting it is OK to ingest their drinks as long as you exercise. Science now tells us this is misleading and wrong. It is where the calories come from that is crucial. Soda is full of sugar and most of us here know that sugar calories promote fat storage and hunger.

The latest research has revealed that for every excess 150 calories of sugar (i.e. one can of cola), there was an 11-fold increase in the prevalence of type 2 diabetes, in comparison to an identical 150 calories obtained from fat or protein. OK, read that last sentence again! Holy Sh*t! Not to mention this was independent of the person's weight and physical activity level!

 A recently published critical review in nutrition concluded that dietary carbohydrate restriction is the single most effective intervention for reducing all the features of the metabolic syndrome and should be the first approach in diabetes management, with benefits occurring even without weight loss. There's the low carb approach talking to us again (which I know is a debate for another day and often has to do with your body type and activity level).

The public health messages surrounding diet and exercise, and their relationships to the epidemics of type 2 diabetes and obesity, has been tarnished by vested interests. Celebrity endorsements of sugary drinks, and the association of junk food and sport, must end!  Promoting nutritionally deficient products is misleading and unscientific. This manipulative marketing harms effective government interventions such as the introduction of sugary drink taxes or the banning of junk food advertising. (What do you guys think????) Such marketing increases commercial profit at the cost of population health. (And what do you think here????) Changing the food environment so that people’s choices about what to eat defaults to healthy options will have a far greater impact on population health than counselling or education. Really? I'm not sure about that one. Knowledge is power and people have the right to eat like crap if they want to. Not that it is a good choice, but it is someone's choice. I suppose if healthy choices were to become an easier choice, that would make things better.  Health clubs and gyms therefore also need to set an example by removing the sale of sugary drinks and junk food from their premises. (YES!!! I agree here completely. Not sure WHY my gym sells candy)!

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