Exercise at Work? Quick, Simple Moves

The work week seems to fly by and if you are like me, days are packed with so many different activities and jobs that sometimes it’s hard to find time for a workout. Try to schedule at least 30 minutes a day to workout but if you are still unable to make that happen try some these moves listed below for a workout at work. If you work at an office, behind a counter or are on your feet all day here are a couple exercises you can do during the day that will keep your figure fit and toned. Behind a counter: While you are waiting for the next customer to come in you can do booty clenches. Clench/Flex your booty 10 times in a row, take a 30 second break and do 10 more. Repeat. You will be surprised how sore your booty with be from doing a few rounds of these.

booty clenching

On your feet all day: Strengthen your calves by walking on your toes instead of flat footed. Try to be incognito when doing this as co-workers may be suspicious or tell everyone at your work and do it all together.


Sit at a desk all day: If you are stuck in a chair all day in an office or cubicle, don’t worry we have you covered too. While sitting in your chair lift your feet off the ground and focus on working your quads and flexing your abs as well. Start with trying this for 1 minute and then break for 1 minute and repeat as many times as you can.

feet up

Any Job: No matter what your job may be you can always focus on your posture throughout the day to strengthen several muscles such as your abs, back and shoulders.

good posture

Next time you find yourself bored at work try one of these exercises. You may be surprised how sore you will be.

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