Why Exercising on Your Lunch Break Has Major Health Benefits!

My biggest fitness hurdle is time. I want to get up at 6 a.m. and enjoy a blissful, peaceful jog through the forest, sit on a rock and meditate as the sun comes up - but every morning that just doesn't seem to work out.

So training during lunch becomes my go-to for days when I can't schedule a separate workout time. I pack myself a healthy lunch and leave it at my desk while I hit the gym for a quick cardio sesh, run up the 10 flights of stairs in my building or put my stressed out mind at ease with a little park yoga. Then I come back and eat my lunch during work hours.

The benefits are yes, obviously physical. But they can be psychological too. Exercising instead of eating right away dissociates your brain from thinking that all your energy comes from food. Rather, you begin relying on activity.

Exercising over lunch is easy! No matter where you work, there will always be a gym, park, field, track or flight of stairs within walking distance. Your body just needs a quick workout, 30 minutes or less. Aim for at least 3 lunch break workouts a week, and mix it up with walking home from the office or taking your bike in morning!

Share with us how you get fit at work! We want to hear your suggestions.


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