Exotic Frozen Yogurt

The right refreshment on a hot summer day. It is gluten free and vegan. It´s for two servings. You’ll need: 1 egg white 8 oz greek yogurt 12 oz coconut milk 1 tablespoon coconut chips 1 tablespoon rasperry 2 tablespoons blueberry 8 dices cantaloupe Beat the egg white fixed. Ladle up the coconut cream of the milk. Then gently stir the egg white and the coconut cream in the yogurt. Ladle up the coconut cream of the milk Freeze it for 3 hours. Stir up every hour, to keep it creamy. Mix the rasperry,blueberry, coconut chips and cantaloupe. You can sweet it with a tablespoon coconut water. I don´t need it. Give the frozen yoghurt in a bowl and put the fruits on the top. Enjoy!


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