Experts Say Cheese Is as Addictive as Drugs

Cheese please! Cheese on pizza, cheese in my sandwich, sprinkled atop my bowl of pasta, sliced up with crackers. I'll even take my cheese all by itself. One can never have too much cheese. And there's a reason for that. Science claims cheese is as addictive as this drug. Science says that it's as addictive as morphine. Dr. Neal Barnard, founder and president of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine says that the reason for this is due to how your brain reacts to a protein in cheese, which is similar to how it responds to any other addictive substance. When you snack on a bite size piece of cheese, your body must break down this protein, known as casein. But your body doesn't totally break it down, so the leftover stuff gets broken down into even smaller casomorphins. “These protein fragments can attach to the opiate receptors in your brain. As the name implies, casomorphins are casein-derived morphine-like compounds," explains Dr. Bernard. Science claims cheese is as addictive as this drug. Don't worry though. Your body isn't suffering from the addictiveness of cheese in the way it would from the brain-destroying compounds found in drugs like morphine and heroin. Our brains are built for the salty, fatty goodness of cheese consumption, just do so in moderation. Are you absolutely in love with cheese? Source: HexJam

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