Extreme Fashion and Fake Tans Are MAJOR Turn Offs

When it comes to makeup, it seems men agree that less is more. The same goes for spray on tans, as well as extreme fashion. Perhaps unsurprisingly, 35% of men were not fond of the orange skin ‘Oompha Loompa’ look, and about the same number of men say heavy makeup is similarly off-putting.

The survey was conducted by Flirt.com, and interestingly, extreme fashion was also a serious passion killer. In other words, dressing like Lady Gaga is probably not going to score you many points with the guys.

It seems natural looking makeup and the classic ‘little black dress’ are favourites among men, with 56% of men polled saying they appreciate a woman who takes time with her clothing choices.

All this said, there have been a number of studies conducted that reveal women dress more for other women that for men, so perhaps they Flirt.com polled the wrong demographic. We’re not saying that caked-on makeup and thigh-high boots made out of Ostrich feathers and the tears of virgins is necessarily attractive, but extreme fashion does have its niche – a million dollar niche, so obviously someone likes it. In the end, it’s not hurting anyone, so we say to each their own. Follow your bliss!

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