F*** Busy! Stay Active

We all have busy lives, but that doesn't mean it can get in the way of our fitness/exercise program! No matter how busy you are, you have to find the time--or make it.

Here are some ways to stay active through those busy days:
  • Make your workouts short. The beauty of HIITing it is that you can get your workout done in 20 minutes a day. Talk about high-powered, time-efficient workouts!
  • Find fun. Do a workout you enjoy, and it will be a nice relief for you to hit the gym/workout room in the middle of your busy day for a fitness break.
  • Do it on the go. No matter where you are (boardroom, your own office, hotel room, or even airplane), find a way to get a workout. Whether it's Yoga, Tabata, or your HIIT bodyweight workout, do it!

  • Pencil it in. Got a busy day? Great! Make sure that you've filled out your daily planner, complete with a slot for your workout.
  • Make it top priority. You'll find that people actually respect you more if you put your workout in its proper place: first and foremost!
  • Accept no excuses. Busy or not, make time for it! Once you miss it one day, it makes it easier to miss it again and again.
  • Reward yourself. You've done well, so allow yourself a little extra something special as a motivational boost.

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