Face Your Fears

I was recently reading John Maxwells book, The 15 Invaluable Laws of growth. One particular thing that struck me was a section on fear. Fears keep people from being successful at goals that they wish to achieve. Obviously fitness goals are included. According to Maxwell five factors come in to play when it comes to fear:

1. Fear of failure.
2. Fear of trading security for the unknown.
3. Fear of being overextended financially.
4. Fear of what others will say or think.
5. Fear that success will alienate peers.
Which one of the previous effects your fitness goals? We all have fears. In order to see results we must face these fears and have a stone faith in ourselves to overcome them. You have to believe in yourself before anyone else will believe in you. So I want to encourage you to face your fears and go after your goals right now. Don't say later. Start right now.I use to fear lots of things. I always make it a goal to get over my fears. My most recent fear was starting a new competitive sport. I tried out and played two seasons of Legends Football formerly the Lingerie Football League. I learned the game from scratch. I had never even played touch football before in my life. I think I conquered my fear of failure to learn a new sport quite well. I learned to love the game. Now that I have stepped away from the field forcibly because of an injury and then the removal of my team from the league I plan to pick a new sport and conquer that!
Alicia Bell

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