Facebook Finds Your Before and After Photos Offensive

When Marilyn McKenna changed her profile picture to a photo of herself standing in one leg of an old pair of pants, she never dreamed she would be the next body image controversy. Apparently, that photo violates Facebook's terms. They sent her a message asking her to take the photo down apparently stating that "These types of images are considered to be promoting idealized physical appearances and are policy violating." Marilyn took the photo down and tried it again and was then told "Your ad wasn't approved because it promotes adult products." (Marilyn was trying to "boost" her post on Facebook which is considered paid advertising hence the reference to an ad.) According to KOMO news "McKenna said Facebook officials told her users aren't allowed to post before-and-after photos or anything with a scale or a tape measure." Marilyn had apparently stated the size of her before self which Facebook took offense to. Her new profile photo shows off her amazing guns as she curls 20 pounds. Apparently this photo doesn't offend facebook. after 2 Marilyn went on a local radio show to defend her photo and talk about the controversy. She plans on meeting with Facebook to discuss the issue. With all the fake and altered images, there's nothing better than seeing an authentic before and after photo showing the hard work of someone. These photos are inspiring and are posted all the time. Perhaps we need to flood Facebook with some fitspiration photos over the next few days.

Have you posted a before and after photo to Facebook?

  Photo Source: Marilyn McKenna Facebook Page Source:  KOMO News/Hawaii News Now

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