Facebook Triggering Eating Disorders?

download According to a recent article in Time magazine, a new research study has revealed that the popular social media network Facebook has been linked to the contribution of eating disorders. The more time you spend on the site, the more body conscious you supposedly become. Around 100 adolescent girls were surveyed regarding their Facebook usage and their self body image.The conclusion of the study revealed that the amount of time that these girls spent on Facebook greatly affected how they felt about themselves after the fact. The study also revealed that the girls who spent the most time looking at photos were more likely to idealize being thin and were more likely to become unhappy with their weight due to the objectification; the same way in which fashion  magazines influences them.   tumblr_lduf45LzaD1qb75f2o1_500 There was also another study in which 1,000 college women were surveyed. It concluded that the more amount of time that these women spent on Facebook was associated with higher levels of disordered eating by just spending 20 minutes per day on the popular site. In this particular study, the more a woman placed importance on getting likes or comments on their status updates and frequently untagged themselves from photos added by others. They also compared themselves to other friend's photos. This story was very interesting  and personally made me reevaluate how I spend my time on the popular social media network. But, is there any harm in it? After all, Facebook is mainly either status updating or picture browsing, right? No matter what, there is one fact to agree upon: peer/social influences have a huge impact in the way in which we choose to live our lives. How do you spend most of your time on Facebook?

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