Facial Hair Hack: Easy Ways To Deal With Beard Burn

Is your boyfriend bent on not shaving his beard? Is buying into the latest facial hair trend causing you to suffer from red, itchy skin after every make-up session? We have the 4 top beard burn prevention and treatment tips for you! #1 Protect Yourself An anti-reactive day cream can help prevent any scratchy action from irritating you. Moisturizing day creams can keep skin safe from irritants and hydrated all day long. They can also provide a fresh faced look to skin. #2 Soften Up If you want to target his bristly beard, try an oil to treat his facial hair. Beard oils do exist  and soften, smooth and keep his hair healthy without causing a greasy look. If you don't want to dish out cash on specialty beard treatments, try some jojoba or sweet almond oil mixed with an essential oil like tea tree oil for aromatic effect. #3 Redness Relief Cool your face after a particularly itchy make out marathon with water. Afterwards, apply a calming moisturizer such as aloe vera to reduce redness. #4 Conceal If redness is still there, apply some quick concealer to disguise any irritation. Just keep a tube in your purse for a make out emergency. What are your top tips for reducing or preventing beard burn? Share them with us!      

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