Fake Before and After Photos

Those who have ever questioned before-and-after dieting remedy photos will be relieved to hear that there are grounds for their paranoia. An investigation by The Today Show looks into the often underhanded ways that weight loss companies obtain their before and after photos. jenny-and-nicolle-before-after1   Common methods include: -       Taking pictures of actual people who use the products, but having the pictures shot with careful lighting, styling, and of course, photoshop. -       Photoshopped stock photos. -       Taking photos from people’s personal blogs without consent, people who may or may not have even heard of their diet product. Brook Shadwell is just one example of a natural weight loss role model, used for a tea that she never used, and had in fact never even heard of until she was suddenly the face of its effects. beforeandafter2 I know you must just all be SHOCKED. Alright, this article is nothing new, but it does just reinforce what we believe here at BodyRock – if you want to lose weight and get fit, there really isn’t any shortcuts – eat healthy, work out. All of the BodyRock before and after pictures are user submitted and 100% real, so check out some Hiit workouts and create your own dramatic before and after photos, but for real.
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