Fall Smells like Pumpkin Spice Soup

Pumpkin Spice Soup I have to admit I've been slightly sad to say my farewell to Summer here in California but the smell of baking and cinnamon has to count for something right? I have been so busy lately with school full time, work full time and being a single mom I forgot to go grocery shopping for the week.. :/ Can anyone else relate to not having enough time, energy or hands to get everything done? Yes me too. My best advice would be to take one thing at a time, finish that and then move on. When we have so many things to do it is hard to focus on just one thing BUT if you look at everything you have to do you WILL feel overwhelmed. When you do feel overwhelmed take 10 deep breathes and visualize yourself crossing that finish line. If that doesn't work get your butt onto the website and bust out a 12 minute workout, I promise you will feel better. Ok now back to my recipe. It started with a can of pumpkin and an onion. Bata Boom Bata Bing and you have yourself an amazing meal. Ingredients:
  1.  1 Can of pure Pumpkin Puree
  2. 8 oz of Apple Sauce
  3. 1 onion
  4. 2-4 cups of low sodium vegetable stock or Chicken
  5. Cinnamon and nutmeg
  6. For more protein add: A can of white beans (whole or pureed)
I said this was easy right? I never lie Directions:
  • Chop your onions.
  • Grab a pot, add some olive oil and slightly brown your onions.
  • Add the can of pumpkin puree, the stock, your applesauce and the Cinnamon and nutmeg to taste
  • Note: If you choose the added protein option add your whole or pureed beans here too
  • Simmer until hot. EAT AND ENJOY
I love spicy food so I added Cayenne pepper to my bowl and it was absolutely divine. Hope you enjoy lovely people and I promise I will not be away for so long, Cheers, Britney Green    

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