Fanny is Back in the Fashion Pack

Nope. The fanny pack did not die in 1995. Sure, maybe she went on vacation. Took a breather from all her overwhelming popularity. And now she is back, full force. The fanny pack is not only a staple for the outdoor fitness guru, organized runner, and elementary student - she is competing with necklaces, belts, and purses in the accessories department. Along with her friends the jumpsuit, overalls, and the chunky heel - fanny is forgetting the 90's and is ready to party. Hold the credit card before you purchase that adorable leather purse online. You may be in need of the fanny pack. To be completely honest, you need a fanny pack. I did my research. I get it. I see that the fashion community is split into polar opposites: you either fully support the fanny pack (#teamfanny) or you reject her comeback (#goawayfanny). Obviously, I am #teamfanny. Why? Let me put it this way: When I don't have to use my hands or shoulders to carry my lipsticks, debit card, car keys, and secrets - I consider that a good day. And if that carrier is neon green or covered in sequins or has a wolf pack pattern - then that is an even better day. To better understand the fanny pack phenomenon, I invited people on Facebook to share their feelings about the accessory. Here is the data that I gathered:
  • Approximately ninety percent of the respondents were #teamfanny. That is a strong number.
  • Many people described in detail their childhood fanny packs, causing high bouts of nostalgia.
  • The wrist fanny pack is appropriate for people of all ages.
  • Neon fanny packs were all the rage in Puerto Rico last year.
  • The fanny is great for trips to amusement parks, the pool, and the grocery store.
  • Some individuals kept their fanny packs from the 90's in hopes that it would become trendy again. Those individuals are what we call brilliant.
  • Several people love the fanny pack, but are not sure if they could pull it off.
  Risky statement from me: Everyone can pull off the fanny pack. I prefer to find my fanny packs at thrift stores; I enjoy discovering a pack that was given away due to either embarrassment or the fanny's ugly and out-dated color, pattern, and zippers. I realize that not everyone feels the same way. Allow me to share a variety of fanny packs that I think will cater to a variety of personalities: BASIC FANNY This basic, all-purpose fanny pack can be found at American Apparel. The clean-cut lines and single pocket is great for the fanny fanatic who does not want to draw attention to their hip accessory. Oh, there is more? This fanny pack comes in a cornicopia of other colors.

basic fanny pack

THROWBACK FANNY Want to show off your 80's and 90's pride? Then this is the fanny for you! Tilly's gives their pack an extra pop with neon colors and geometric patterns. Extreme 80's sells the see-through, plastic fanny - for those who really want their pack to match with everything (aka, the Fearless Fanny Fanatic).

tilly's fanny packextreme 80s clear fanny pack

FUN FANNY Hot Topic knows who the hero is. Their Wonder Woman fanny pack lets the passerby know who is boss. Consider this your own Lasso of Truth.

wonder woman fanny pack

ARTSY FANNY I am a big fan of Etsy. And they just happen to have a plethora of fanny pack options for sale. I mean --- a plethora. One of my absolute favorites is this wolf pack fanny. Because. There are wolves on it. And stars. And Saturn.

wolf pack fanny

ATHLETIC FANNY What's up, Daily Hiiters. Want to add a fanny to your workout routine? A little hip to your running trail? Hip Apparel sells a sleek and functional fanny, fit for the active person. The accessories do not have any wolf prints, but I am not certain that would go well on this style of fanny pack.

Hip Apparel fanny pack

I understand that we may never agree on whether or not fanny packs are stylish. But I think #teamfanny now understands that the fanny can be pulled off - by anyone. No matter what the age, occupation, or lack of interest in wolf patterns. And please forgive me if I am being presumptuous when I say that some worse trends could be coming back into the market. Like the 16th century corset. That was just a horrible idea.  

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