FAQ: Fat Loss For Life Guide

Where can I get the guide?

Right Here: http://www.dailyhiit.com/fitness-gear/guides?product_id=110  

I've purchased it and am having trouble with my download.

Unfortunately we've had a few glitches in our store lately that have been corrupting the downloads :( This will be corrected in the new year. But in the mean time, if you email your receipt to sean@bodyrock.tv he'll send you your purchase ASAP. Don't worry! Your information is still secure and your purchase is not lost!  

What's in the guide?

> 30 detailed steps to weight loss success > The benefits of exercise on the aging process > The Key 5 to getting started with Hiit & keeping that weight off with diet and exercise > Recipes, meal suggestions & healthy snacks > BodyRocker before & after stories > A full printable workout plan (with exercise demonstration pictures)  

What's the difference between the Nutrition Guide and the Fat Loss For Life Guide?

The nutrition guide is an outlined meal plan. It is 100% food focused and is ideal for those who are well-versed with Hiit training and now need to get their diet on track as well. The Fat Loss For Life Guide is great for those who are just starting their fitness journey, or need to get back on track. It's full of tips on how to transform fitness from a goal to a lifestyle - which is the biggest key to success. To achieve and maintain those results, there need to be changes in all aspects of your life. The Fat Loss For Life guide outlines them for you, and eases you into the process. If you're finding the BodyRock videos a bit too daunting, the printable workout is a great beginners Hiit Workout so that you can build your strength. For those who are more advanced, you can take that printable workout and add it on as a bonus round to a video, or increase your weight for a great challenge.  

Can I see a sample?

We've posted tons of samples on the Facebook page so that you know what to expect. Here is the chapter breakdown for Exercise & Aging
1) Prevent Learn how the best defense is a good offense. Start exercising early to slow down your rate of aging. 2) Reverse It’s never too late to start! You can begin exercising at any age and not only stall time, but also take some back. 3) Inside Beauty isn’t just skin deep. Find out how exercising keeps your insides young and vital. 4) Out Feeling good and looking great. Exercise is better for your figure and face than any ‘magic’ pill or cream.  

We highly recommend picking up the Fat Loss For Life Guide if you're a new BodyRocker and plan to participate in our NEW 30 Day Challenge.

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