FAQ: Ultimate Holiday Fat Blocker

Where can I get the guide?

Right Here: http://www.dailyhiit.com/fitness-gear/guides?product_id=111  

I’ve purchased it and am having trouble with my download.

Unfortunately we’ve had a few glitches in our store lately that have been corrupting the downloads :( This will be corrected in the new year. But in the mean time, if you email your receipt to sean@bodyrock.tv he’ll send you your purchase ASAP. Don’t worry! Your information is still secure and your purchase is not lost!  

What’s in the guide?

> Our steps to enjoying the holidays without destroying your progress > A break down of "The Challengers" and how to combat them > Healthy holiday meal & snack recipes > Tips and tricks to avoid over eating > A break down of food addictions (sugary foods, salty foods & bitter foods) and how to break the cycle with healthy alternatives > Causes of cravings and combative options > A full printable workout plan (easily condensed to hiit just before that holiday party) with exercise demonstration pictures > "Healthy" drinking tips & beverage options > A printable workout advent calendar > Bonus chapter on emotional eating and how to end it  

Christmas is almost here. Why should I buy the guide?

We chose to give this guide a theme because this time of year can often present many different types of challenges to people and their fitness goals. It can be incredibly busy, full of stress and constant temptation of delicious food and drink. But these factors also exist throughout the year as well. Any time for celebration seems to bring them back around; Easter, Thanksgiving, Summer BBQ's, Hanukkah, and so on. So we themed this guide around Christmas - but it is not exclusive to the Christmas season. The printable advent workout calendar can be used for ANY time of year! It's just green and red. The Challengers represent themselves SO MANY TIMES in the year. Cravings, food addiction, emotional eating and over eating is not limited to the holiday season either - especially for those who stress eat. Being a "healthier" (or rather a smarter) drinker at social gatherings and parties is always a good option. And the printable workout plan is not Christmas themed at all.    

Can I see a sample?

So we've been talking about the challengers, here they are. They are examined in great detail in the guide, but here is our brief introduction:
1) The Holiday Party By far the biggest reported contender in the battle against the holiday bulge. Don’t sweat it, though. We’ve got you covered with simple and effective strategies to take you seamlessly from pre-­‐party to morning after. 2) The Shopping Spree Busy, hectic holidays mean busy, hectic malls. Find out how to shop for the people on your list without your efforts showing up on the scale. 3) The Family Meal Marathon For most of us, there’s not just one holiday dinner anymore. There’s brunches, lunches and dinners at multiple houses. Learn about how you can put the focus on family and take it off food. 4) The New Year’s Eve Bash New Year’s Eve has become almost synonymous with an ensuing hangover. It doesn’t have to be this way! Find out how you can have your champagne and sip it too. 5) The After Shock Ah, crap. The holidays are over and you’ve got a stock pile of cookies, chocolates and candies that could last you until next year. But they probably won’t. Learn how to realistically deal with these temptations in a few simple steps.  

How do The Challengers effect me during the rest of the year?

The Holiday Party -> How many times in a year will you attend a party with a huge food spread with lots of friends, family and drinks (work parties, other holidays, weekend get togethers, superbowl)? Same theory. The Shopping Spree -> Ever go on a shopping marathon in the middle of the summer with your friends to get your significant other that perfect birthday present? Do you find it oddly exhausting and by the end of the day all you want is a greasy burger? Well....we can help! The Family Meal Marathon -> Thanksgiving, Easter, Superbowl, whatever else you celebrate. Pretty much any time someone suggests a turkey dinner. The New Years Eve Bash -> Halloween, 4th of July (or Canada Day for those North of the border), St Patty's Day. Pretty much any holiday centred around drinks. The After Shock -> Pretty much applicable to all of the above.
  We highly recommend picking up the Ultimate Holiday Fat Blocker for any time of year! It's incredibly versatile and applicable to all holidays.

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