How Far Would You Go For Real Food? Would You Kill a Rabbit With Your Own Hands?

Today I came across the picture below on Facebook. This lamb's name is Tim, and today he will be butchered to provide food for the family that raised him. DaNelle runs the page Weed 'Em & Reap which is about real food... very real food. [caption id="attachment_33846" align="aligncenter" width="283"]lambtim Photo from Weed 'Em & Reap[/caption] The comments on this picture ranged from outrage at the audacity to post (and name) and animal that will soon be dead and on a plate, to envy at the ability to provide such humanely raised and healthy meat for a family. There was also another post on Facebook today about raising rabbits for food and how when it comes time for butchering, if one can handle butchering such a cute animal. If you can handle taking the life a a cute fuzzy rabbit, they are apparently a very easy and inexpensive food source that can be raised in an urban setting. Aside from today of all days apparently being the day for urban farming butchering, these posts brought to mind the question of just how far would you go for healthy, humanely raised meat? Too, if we are unwilling to participate in the manufacture of our food, do we have a right to eat it? So, just how far WOULD you go for real food? Would you raise and butcher your own meat? Or do you prefer to have someone else "do the dirty work" for you? It seems in our never-ending quest for health, this option is rarely discussed. Instead we rely on others to verify how our food is produced and if that meets our standards. A good example is Whole Foods 5-Step Animal Welfare Rating system where we rely on others to inspect farms and butchering facilities for us and rate them on how close to nature animals are raised and how clean and humane the butchering process is. But, can we know for sure that the whole process is up to our standards without being a part of the process? How far would you go for real food? Would you be willing to raise and butcher your own animals for food?   Feature image by: Robobobobo

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