How many years does smoking shave off YOUR life?

Billions have been spent on the global anti-smoking campaign and yet people continue to light up. Graphic warnings on cigarette packages have actually been shown to encourage smokers to spark up, and when you add alcohol to the mix an epidemic of "social smoking" occurs - luring non-smokers into the habit of lung-destruction. For many people over indulging in alcohol leads to destructive behaviours - smoking being one of the most common. Check the info-graphic below to see what even the casual cigarette could be costing you. The currency you will be paying with is your life. 1412958754928_wps_85_graphic_2_cigarettes_PNG   Imagine paying for your next pack of cigarettes with 4.6 hours of your life. What could you do with those 4.6 hours that would pay higher dividends? Call everyone you know and tell them how much they are appreciated? Play with your children? Maybe even start work outing out with us everyday for free and making your body stronger and your quality of life better? We love you guys. Please don't kill yourselves! Take a deep, smoke-free breath and sign up for our FREE daily workout video here and lets start getting stronger together :)  

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