Fat Killer Workout

Hi BodyRockers, We are closing off this week with 2 workouts. You can do 1 or the other or both if you are feeling the need for some serious fat killing BodyRock style :) Big news!!! Lisa will be back with us to lead all new workouts starting Monday. She will have to take it a little easy, so if you are a beginner or have just been watching the videos, Monday will be an excellent time to get started. We will also be including beginner modifications in picture format here on the site because so many of you guys have requested that feature. In other news Lisa surprised me and everyone else for that matter with a new long hair style. She looks completely beautiful but some people are using it as an excuse to be mean to her - if you get a chance please stop by our Facebook page and show her some support - the more positivity we can shine the better. She is slowly growing a thicker skin but some people can be extremely hurtful. The first picture of her new look is up on our page here: https://www.facebook.com/BodyRock.Tv I know she would appreciate hearing from you. Have a great weekend! Freddy Lisa's Workout Video: [wobreakdown] *** The Sandbag guys are offering BodyRockers $10 Off until Monday here: http://bit.ly/ULTSANDBAG Lisa's Workout BreakDown: Set your interval timer to 12 rounds of 50 seconds work with a 10 second rest – You will complete the following 4 exercises three times through. 1) Walking pushup with Jump Tuck 2) Low Jack Pull Up 3) Ugi Side Plank Pick Up- Using The Ugi ball 5) Core Balance Using The BodyRock Equalizer Sean's Workout Video: Sean's Workout BreakDown: This is a 200 Rep Workout!  25 reps per exercise move as fast as you can.  It's an alternate upper body lower body workout. 1) Switch Lunges using the Pink Sandbag 2) Burpee's 3) Switch Lunges using the Pink Sandbag 4) Diamond PushUp To celebrate our upcoming 4th anniversary we have decided to give away a bunch of  prizes on our Facebook pages. Lisa just finished giving away 40 Tops last weekend and this week she will be giving away a BodyRock Equalizer to one lucky BodyRocker.  Sean is giving away a pile of Stainless Steel BodyRock.Tv Water Bottles on his page and we also are giving away a brand new iPad 3 so that you can BodyRock with us from anywhere.  Every single day a BodyRocker will win anInterval Timer and the cool prizes will continue all summer long so make sure you like our Facebook pages now to have the most shots at winning :) The main Facebook page is here. Lisa’s page is here and Sean’s Page is here. Last but not least I will be giving away an Ugi Fitness Ball on my page here :)

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