Fat Liquefying Injections

Sharon Donaldson, a 39-year-old blushing bride, was one of the first people to try Aqualyx. It’s a new injection that liquefies fat cells, which then come out of your body when you pee. Ok…. Ew. fatpee injection She paid £1000 to get the treatment on her stomach and face in order to tighten up and get rid of her double chin before her wedding, as an alternative to liposuction. fatpee before     fatpee after In her defense, she had tried dieting and eating healthy with great effect, losing quite a bit of weight and dropping from a size 14 to a size 10. She just felt that she wanted this extra bit of weight off for her wedding, and wanted a procedure that was less invasive then liposuction. fatpee sharon2     fatpee sharon I would definitely stick with the dieting and healthy exercise though, not only is this a very NEW treatment, but there’s also already a lot of skeptics raising issues about the fat being dissolved into sugar or salt in the blood stream. That would be great if I could just pee out fat, but I don’t want to risk getting diabetes or sky-high cholesterol levels to do it.  

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