Fat Shakedown - 12 Minute Real Time Sweat Workout

Hi BodyRockers, What if not working out was the same as not taking a bath, brushing your teeth or clipping your toe nails? We are putting forward the idea that training is part of your basic hygiene. Go 2 weeks between showers or brushing your teeth - how attractive and confident would you feel with a carpet growing on your teeth and a bunghole like smell wafting around you? At what point in your life did you decide that it was ok to put ZERO effort into the maintenance of your body? Let's put this into perspective - we use conditioner to make sure our hair shines on top of a bloated body that is neglected from the eyebrows down! It's time to re-evaluate our hygiene people! BodyRocking takes 12 minutes and it's killer for fat burning and general conditioning. It's one of the shortest and most effective training programs in existence and its free. Most people spend longer than 12 minutes perched on the toilet or in the shower. Training is part of your hygiene - skip it and you get pretty rough looking. Floss and BodyRock! They will both give you a healthy smile :) Freddy Set your interval timer to 50 seconds work with 10 seconds rest. (Beginners try 30 seconds or take breaks and modify where needed) Workout Break Down 1) Lateral Side Jumps 2) 3 walking push ups 5 mountain climbers 3) 5 hops to left elbow 5 knee ups 4) 5 hops to right elbow 5 knee ups 5) Star Abs Outs 6) Reverse Pull Ups Using the BodyRock Equalizer Save $20 off on the BodyRock Equalizer!! Use the code "BodyRockEQ20" Remember that everyone has their own max effort level. Pay attention to yours and be true to your body. Even starting with just a few reps is an important start and something you should feel proud of. Reach beyond your comfort zone - it will give you a rush of strength and energy that BodyRockers feel all over the world! Enjoy your training and post those scores!!!!

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