Fat to Fit: You Can Make it Too!

One year ago (almost to the day), I was that guy that you see at almost every office cubicle in the country. Thanks to my desk job, I was paunchy, had incredibly low stamina, and did little or no exercise. Sure, I was strong from my years of weightlifting (managed to work up to a 320-pound bench press), but that strength was useless if I had to do any sort of exercise that lasted for more than 5 minutes. When I moved to a new city in the middle of 2012, I decided it was time to make a change. I signed up for Karate/Taekwondo lessons, bought myself a bike and a pair of running shoes, and set out on the fitness journey that I've been on for the last year. Today, just one year later:
  • I am a green belt in Karate/Taekwondo/Kickboxing/Hapkido  (an accomplishment that usually takes two years). I've won two trophies in the one tournament I've participated in.
  • I have run in 4K and 5K races (no wins, but who's counting?).
  • I am 30 pounds lighter (no starvation diets).
  • I am planning to take my Certification for Personal Trainer test before the end of the year.
Has my fitness journey been easy? I've killed myself running and training, missed out on dozens of parties, club nights, and social events, and left my family at home so that I can go exercise. I've been punched and kicked in the face repeatedly, and I've returned the favor. I've nearly broken my ankle a dozen times, and I've strained my hips and knees so bad that I could barely walk. I've trimmed down to one solid meal a day, simply because I can't eat a lot late in the evening after my workout. I've missed out on sleep due to nervousness at a fight or competition the next day. 554542_351507344948990_1333584416_nThis last year has helped me to discover my passion for fitness, and it's helped me to realize that it just takes time. I can't lose weight and get fit from one day to the next, but it takes determination and a "don’t-quit attitude" to keep pushing myself when all I want to do is lay down and sleep.I'm not 100% content with my fitness yet, but I'm getting there. 30 pounds lighter and with a year of hard training under my belt, I'm looking forward to the future. I've gotten back into weightlifting, and I'm working towards earning my black belt within 3 years (a feat that usually takes 5 years). I'm in no way perfect, and I slip up all the time. I eat pizza when I really should have a salad, and I take a night off from training to enjoy America's Got Talent with my family. Life goes on, and the effort continues! My advice for anyone working out and trying to get fit: little by little, day by day, that's how you get in shape. Keep up the good work!

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