I Have a Fat Wiener

So I have a fat wiener. I didn't always...but this winter it just kind of...happened. "I'm about to be really offended by this..." Okay so let me rephrase...I have a fat wiener DOG. My dachshund Mortimer wasn't always fat though... 33577_446518161875_927391_n From the first day I brought him home he's been a little ball of energy. 33576_446518346875_1850397_n   He's traveled and camped all over, 19195_10151166196176876_311800073_n swam in two different oceans 537316_10151166196526876_1733694904_n 1174697_10151536562731876_319229646_n And is an avid hiker. photo But above all else, he LOVES to swim. 562741_10150971414406876_1268970566_n 228462_10150971407376876_1519608327_n 525822_10150789107241876_1021630154_n 544761_10150783909811876_282732359_n   My boyfriend and I both try and stay active and we try and involve our two dogs as much as possible. They are our children and so we want them to be happy and healthy! 1176263_10151562362351876_1983217682_n 1185644_10151542460561876_1303972615_n 1546_10151542460716876_1810874850_n 541686_10151166195521876_1890792617_n This year, we moved to Alberta. If you've never been, all you need to know is it's really effing cold! Maggie is our newest addition and she's too young to really pack on the winter weight (or even care about ice). But Morty turned 4 this year and for the first time we really noticed the weather get to his emotions. Beyond that...it started to get to his waist line. We finally had to face facts this Christmas. We've flown with both dogs countless times.  When we were flying back from spending Christmas with my parents, they made us weight him - they didn't on the way down but it is common. In 4 years and probably  40 plane rides, we've never had a problem. The agent informed us that he was 5lbs over weight. TECHNICALLY, they could have turned us away. But because it was Christmas and we were returning home, they let us go. But this was not an easy thing to hear. We always knew that dachshunds had a tendency to be lazy and gain weight and we took such pride that Mortimer was active and healthy. But after spending 4 months in -30 weather, his activity level had definitely gone down. But his eating habits had gone up. I had to face facts - I had a fat wiener. 1471284_10151758469641876_689232725_n Is 5lbs the biggest deal in the world? No - but the habit is. When a breed has back issues, weight issues and liver issues, keeping diet and weight in check is vital. Just like people, you have to know what you're up against. Well, we've finally come above zero and we're determined to get that weight off! March 14th we're headed to the mountains and we're going to get him moving again! No waiting, no excuses. We don't live that way, so why should our pets? Mortimer is so much more than this lump that lives in our blankets (though he does that too). 1619401_10151857238641876_162271333_n 1525427_10151779545461876_609634159_n 644668_10151347593901876_1944150395_n 183892_10151066075151876_649218950_n This dog is like our first born and we have always treated him as such. Maybe that's a bit overboard, but why have a pet if you're not going to love the sh*t out of it? My boyfriend and I both have celiac's and have gone to incredible lengths to keep each other healthy. We would do no less for our dogs. These tiny creatures even manage to push US. I can't count how many times Maggie (weighing in at a whopping 10lbs) has PULLED me up that last 500m on a hike. And to see a negative change in such a positive being just breaks my heart. 1794765_10151848803131876_1397047631_n So just like the rest of you, I'm going to hold Mortimer and myself accountable to make a change! He WILL lose that weight! Will you join my fat wiener and go after your own change?? BodyRock Boot Camp is a great place to do that - and Mortimer will be joining you! Sign up below if you're ready!
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