A Father Loses 40 lbs in 2 Months to Save His Daughter's Life

There isn't much that can top the love that a parent has for their child and Eduardo Camargo is the living proof.  According to ABC News, Eduardo's youngest daughter, Jazlyn, was diagnosed with biliary atresia days after she was born in April of 2012. The condition occurs when the liver's bile duct is blocked or absent.  Without a liver transplant or surgery the condition can be fatal. Although she had two surgeries before 5 months to prevent liver failure her condition worsened.  At five months old her doctors in Chicago told her parents that without a liver transplant she would die. ABC News interviewed the couple. "Right away I said it had to be me and not my wife," Camargo said. "I have two other daughters and they need a mother more than they need a father."  The catch was that Camargo couldn't become a donor unless he lost weight. At 210 pounds, the 35-year-old was diagnosed with fatty liver disease. A common condition in people who are overweight or obese. Eduardo said that when he was working out and he felt like he would drop to his knees from exhaustion he thought about his little baby girl and it would keep him going.  He even worked up to running 6 miles in a hour even though he hadn't worked out since high school. In less than 2 months Eduardo lost 40 pounds and was cleared to donate a third of his liver.  It was done not a moment too soon.  The day before she was scheduled for surgery, Jazlyn's liver began to fail. Its not everyday that physical exercise and proper diet and change and save lives.  It's not everyday that a parent has the opportunity to show their child just how far they are willing to go to. What do your kids inspire you to do?

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