What If Your Favourite Video Game Ladies Had Realistic Bodies?

What if Jade from Mortal Combat or Cortana from Halo 4 had accurate, more true-to-life body types? gaming graphics Well, the folks at Bulimia.com have created depictions of the most recognized women from video games with more average figures. Instead of Sonya Blade's super cinched in waist and top-heavy build, she is shorter, a little wider and is without her washboard abs. realistic video game The goal is to make a point to video game creators who can design vividly real graphics, but can not shape their female characters with more attainable bodies. The organization is worried that these overly sculpted images contribute to young girls damaging views of their own bodies and can cause eating disorders. Video games are extremely popular among younger generations, and are increasing in popularity with girls. With an estimated 30 million Americans suffering from eating disorders, making changes like these to widely played games could impact the numbers dramatically. eating disorders Here Lara Croft's cartoonishly wide bust and hips get adjusted and her thighs and waist are widened. "Plus-sized women are a rarity in video games, and when one does show up, she’s typically unusual looking. More often it seems video games are home to ultra-slim waistlines only." Bulimia.com explains in their post. bulimia anorexia women What are your thoughts on this issue? Should video game companies make more true-to-life female characters? Are young people damaged by the appearances of "idealistic" bodies in video games? Source: MTV  

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