F*ck Rest Days

Okay so we've gotten tons of comments, emails, telegraphs (kidding) about how BodyRockers don't want rest days in the 30 Day Challenge.Day23 And we hear you! As a disclaimer, it IS important to take rest days and allow your body time to recover. However, we also know that the days YOU may want to rest may not be the same as OUR rest days. Totally fine - we all have different schedules and are working on the challenge at different paces. So...Here are NUMEROUS options for you if you want to say "F*ck rest day!"       From our Hiit Blogger Jessica Nall: 500 Rep Lower Body Blast ( 100 reps + 400 high knees) 10 around the world lunges on the LEFT leg (1 rep = 1 forward lunge + 1 side lunge+ 1 backward lunge) 10 around the world lunges on the RIGHT leg (1 rep = 1 forward lunge + 1 side lunge + 1 backward lunge) 100 high knees 20 jump squats 100 high knees 15 side lunge + hop Up LEFT leg 15 side lunge + hop Up LEFT leg 100 high knees 20 1-leg bridge leg lift LEFT leg 20 1-leg bridge leg lift RIGHT leg 100 high knees   Quick Stress-Busting Workout 2-4 rounds  (1 round = 100 reps) If you want to increase the intensity, add more rounds, jump rope, or convert the workout to HIIT (set your timer for 10 sec rest/50 sec work for 15 rounds = 15 min workout).  Make sure to warm-up & cool-down! 20 per leg: 1-leg side step up to bench/stair/ledge + opposite side leg lift I held a 10# kettle ball on the same side I stepped up with (beginners – omit the kettleball) 20 Decline bench push-ups (feet on a bench) (beginners – do regular push-ups) 20 Crab toe touches 20 Kettleball or sandbag swings (2-handed) (beginners – do regular squats)  

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