Why You Feel Guilty For Missing Time with Your Kids

There’s something about moms.  There’s something about them that makes them special.  But it also requires a great deal of responsibility.  Mothers have so much influence over their children’s lives that we (as a culture) place them on both a pedestal to be admired but also scrutinized.

There are deadbeat dads.  That’s nothing new.  You’ll find hundreds of movies about dads who left their children because they couldn’t handle the responsibility or they left because they still wanted to be carefree.  You’d be hard pressed to find a movie about a mom who left.  I can also guarantee that that movie was not met with widespread popular support.

Mothers aren’t supposed to be able to leave.  Mothers are supposed to be so in love with their children that it causes them physical and emotional pain to leave them.  For a mother to leave it means that there’s something wrong with her-something that didn’t click as a mom.  That’s what we tell ourselves anyways.

And that’s what scares us when we take a weekend away with our spouse or a girl’s night out to decompress...that’s the guilty feeling you get.  Because there’s a small piece of you that likes the adult time.  There’s a small piece that’s also worried that you don’t love your children as much as you should and that you shouldn’t need to take time off to take care of yourself.

That my friends is a lie.  There is nothing wrong with time off.  Forget what society tells you about being a mom.  Love your kids and give them the very best of you.  The best well rested, healthy, and mentally strong person you can be.

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