Do You Feel Like Crap? Read this!

Too many of us have accepted generally feeling like crap as our baseline day-to-day. This isn’t right! We should be able to feel energetic and clear every day so that we can live life to the fullest. If you are sick and tired of feeling blah most of the time, then its time to take responsibility for your health! [caption id="attachment_59180" align="alignright" width="324"]Image credit: Image credit:[/caption] If you want to make some serious headway, here are my suggestions to upgrade your health: 
  • Cut out processed, packaged foods and sugar! Place the emphasis on whole, fresh fruits and veggies and quality animal products and just do the best you can with your budget. Buying some organic is better than buying none!
  • Cooking at home will always be healthier and more affordable than eating out. Cook for yourself as much as you can and pack your lunches for work.
  • Always remember that the most important ingredient in any meal is LOVE! Stressing about what to make and rushing around in the kitchen will only result meals with poor taste and nutrition!
  • Do a food sensitivity test combined with an elimination diet to find out what your personal toxic triggers are. Eating foods that cause your body distress can really suck up a lot of your energy on a daily basis.
  • Make mindful eating a habit. It changes everything! Experiment with eating slowly, without the distraction of the TV or Facebook, don’t drink a big glass of milk or water with your meal, etc.
  • Go to sleep an hour earlier and allow yourself to sleep in on weekends.
  • Avoid stimulants like coffee, alcohol and drugs, they make the situation worse.

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