Feeling Down? Pump up the C

Feeling down? Pump up the C. Vitamin C is what your supposed to take when you are feeling under the weather. But did you know vitamin C can help improve your mood too. In a study at Montreal's Jewish General Hospital, patients were randomly given vitamin C or vitamin D. The patients who took vitamin C showed improved mood immediately and the one's that took vitamin D did not. I recently started taking vitamin C daily after reading about all the positive effects of vitamin C. In the documentary Food Matters they discuss vitamin C curing the common cold without any other medicines involved. The doctors in the film talk about if everyone was getting enough vitamin C no one would get the common cold. The World Health Organization says we should get 45 mg of vitamin C everyday. Our bodies don't create or store vitamin C so it is important for us to get it elsewhere. We get vitamin C through food, drinks and supplements. Can vitamin C improve brain function? Many studies show higher levels of vitamin C in the bloodstream boosts brain function and IQ. Vitamin C also protects against age-related brain degeneration like Alzheimer's and strokes. One study at the University of Sydney in Australia, they tested elderly people and found those who took vitamin C supplements were 40% less likely to have severe brain function problems compared to those who didn't take vitamin C. My grandma has Alzheimer's so after reading that about that study I called my mom to make sure she is taking vitamin C daily. It sounds like a simple solution to take vitamin C to lift you mood, feel healthy and increase brain functions but it works and it's natural and healthy. Next time you feeling down or under the weather, pump up the vitamin C.    

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