The Female Condom That Can "Make A Woman Orgasm Every time"

The new female condom being developed by IXu LLC, a Michigan-based condom company, claims it can make a woman orgasm every time.femcondom The VA w.o.w, as it is called, has a heart or star shaped vibrating sleeve that can stimulate the woman to orgasm. The company says the VA w.o.w will be the 'a new condom people would prefer to use - even more than using no condom at all.' They carried out a survey of 50 couples and found that 70 percent of women had an orgasm the first time they used it. The second use saw that number rise to 84 percent and by the fourth use 100 percent of the women had achieved the big O.

'The rate of orgasm for women by the fourth time of use was 100 percent. It was a higher orgasm rate for women than even for men,' IXu's Brian Osterberg told the Daily Dot. 'It just goes to show how powerful the technology is.'

Having been awarded five patents, IXu is looking to create a new type of condom that combines a regular latex sheath (which protect against STIs and pregnancy) with miniature electronic sex toys. They are currently looking for manufacturers to bring  the 'wearable tech' condom to global markets.

femcondom2 femcondom3

An IXu spokesperson said: 'One could communicate and control the condom (by wireless remote, smart phone etc) while the condom performed various stimulating functions; vibe/pulse sensations, sound, heat and light emissions.'

Health related agencies have reported that men prefer to use the female condom while women preferred the tradition condom. IXu is hoping to have solved this disconnect.

Currently, VA w.o.w. is waiting for approval from the Food and Drug Administration, who formerly license such products in the US.

It is expected to hit shelves in Europe in the next 12 to 18 months

I'm skeptical. I'm not skeptical of the mechanics, sounds to me like it could very well work for stimulating an orgasm. I'm skeptical of the claims coming out of the survey. First, how many of the women achieving orgasm while using the female condom were already achieving orgasm on a regular basis, without any trouble? Second, if the condom was actually able to deliver an orgasm 100 percent of the time, it wouldn't have taken 4 tries to reach orgasms across the board. Just saying. What do you think? Condom revolution or a pile of latex garbage?

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