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In solid effort to ditch the taboos surrounding female masturbation, one New York based designer has created a titillating new app called HappyPlayTime. Creative mastermind, Tina Gong, says she hopes the app will help women (and men for that matter) 'learn techniques and facts about getting off’, or to be politically correct, learn facts about female masturbation. Don't start tittering and blushing furiously just yet. There is nothing overtly shocking or graphic about this light-hearted app - yet. (Gong plans to create a portable vibrator to accompany her app so it is a full-fledged female masturbation app!) Gong hopes that HappyPlayTime will educated through games and cartoons that will teach women about female anatomy while giving them insightful lessons on the finer points of masterbation. In an interview with Gamification, Gong explains, ''Teaching an anatomy lesson with a mission to educate about female masturbation is too much of a serious topic when taught in the traditional education model and it is difficult to separate the idea of empowering females to masturbate from a feminist perspective. The app's approach to education involves a quick demonstration of different masturbation techniques for each level, followed by a freestyle portion that has the player perform each technique on the mascot. Completion of each level builds up to a fantastically funny and wacky climax upon completion.' Her intention is not to be crude. Far from it. She hopes a little laughter may do the trick to liberate women from any uncomfortable taboos surrounding the female anatomy and masterbation in particular. People on Twitter are already speaking out in enthusiastic support of HappyPlayTime, saying it is both liberating and funny.

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