Fierce & SEXY Glutes Calls for NHB Training Methods!

Oh to have a SEXY & Fierce Derriere!

We all want it...Rest Assured the Homemade Butt Lift can also be yours, with some Healthy Traumatizing Training Methods...


Recently, I've been targeting my own glutes and am starting to see some results. I had a knee and hip injury so I have had to avoid training legs for quite sometime...I slipped on ice sprinting outside :( 

However, my clients get great glute training and I think they LOVE it, in fact I know they do because I always get thank you texts that say how sore their butt's are!! ;)


Last year, I trained one of my clients for a Fitness competition, 2.5 months out and as many of you may know the glutes need to look great on that stage! This client did AMAZING!! And as if losing 20lbs and toning & tightening up all over wasn't enough...she needed a bubble butt! Needless to say I hit her legs hard, REALLY hard and like MAGIC her butt transformed AND she placed 3rd! AND she has 3 kids AND is over 40...not bad!!


Her training regime included lots of plyometrics, or jump training. Plyometrics are an excellent way to build the muscle of the glutes, which is a powerful muscle, because the explosive movement  both shocks the muscles and burns lots of your building muscle and shedding fat!

  Here is one of the routines I used: Warm up 10 minutes cardio + Plank outside Lunge stretches alternate 20 times 30 seconds each exercise/10 seconds rest .... repeat 3-5 times or do 50 seconds/10 seconds rest 2-5 times 1. Deep Squats Barbell or Sandbag (passing parallel if your knees are healthy) 2. Plyometric (jump) crossover plié squats 3. Reverse Lunge with a knee drive jump/hop (use a low step if one is available) 4. Repeat lunge other leg 5. Forward jump squats (deep if knees are ok) 6. Glute bridges with barbell or sandbag or use 2 DB's 7. Plank Jacks Repeat ;)

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