Fight for it Jellyfish! Spark some fight and get going!

No one is going to give you anything. Nothing is free. You have to invest your attention, be present and fight for it. These workouts are free but just watching them won't transform your life. It's a battle - 12 minutes at a time. What are you fighting for? What are you pushing against? If your life feels like you are eating ice cream everyday on a cloud of 4 ply cotton toilet paper and you are not pushing up against the boundaries of life then what are you - a jellyfish? Fight the good fight. If you don't want it enough to put up a fight (read: take action, stand up, actually DO something) then you don't want it. I guarantee you will get clobbered. Beaten down, tired out, full of self pity and despair - and then it will pass. I'm convinced that 99% percent of the winners are the guys that just get up one more time than the other guy. Take that approach to today's workout. Rep by rep. Get angry. Spark up some fight. F%&k it. Do I need to provoke you into moving your lazy jelly fish ass for 12 minutes? Freddy   Workout Break down Set your interval timer to 10 seconds rest 50 seconds work.  You will do this bonus once for a total of 3 minutes. 1. Leg Lift with Row using the pink Sandbag 2. Leg Lift with Row using the pink Sandbag 3. Step Ups using the pink. Sandbag   Workout Breakdown Set your interval timer to 10 seconds rest 50 seconds work. 1. 2 Squat Jumps, 1 Tuck Jump, 2 Push Ups 2. Monkey Press Ups 3 Single Leg Squats (left and right alternate) 3. On Me Up Mountain Climbers 10 Ab Toe Touches using the Ugi ball 4. Push Up Knee In Commando Roll

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