Fighting for Equality #FreeTheNipple

So by now we have all heard about the social media campaign fighting for gender equality, #FreeTheNipple. It's all over Twitter, Instagram and Facebook - women fighting for their right to show their body how they want and when they want. Where did this fear of the female body come from? Look at any painting in a museum and you are sure to find some paintings full of women showing it all. Should we be going and blurring out those images, like Instagram is doing to people like Scout Willis or Chrissy Teigen? Changing art that is hundreds of years old, covering them up because heaven forbid we see a part of the female body that may turn on men? I don't make a big deal when I see Channing Tatum shirtless. I enjoy it, but I can control myself while watching Magic Mike (just a little treat for the guys and gals out there). So why do pictures of women on Instagram have their pictures taken down or blurred? Boys, please become a real man and control yourself. Respect the beauty of a woman's body instead of sexualizing. We need to make this a big deal, we need to fight for women to do what they want with their bodies. Teaching everyone, both male and female, to respect and love not only their body but everyone else's. Women deserve to enjoy their body and shouldn't be afraid to show it. I am proud of all of those who have the guts to bear it all for the cause! It is time for a change #FreeTheNipple. What's you guys' opinion on all of this? Tell us in the comments below.      

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