Fill Up On These 7 Healthy Foods That Are Almost Zero Calories!

Reducing your caloric intake is a great way to lose pounds, but only if you're also getting proper nutrients. Many commercially made "low cal" foods don't pack any sort of nutritional punch. Try these natural, healthy and above all delicious low calorie foods! 1) Arugula Arugula is a flavourful addition to any dish, and has a meagre 4 calories per cup! This leafy green is teeming with fibre and potassium and tastes great in salad, bruschetta and on pizza. 2) Beets Looking for a low cal food that boost stamina, fights off disease-causing inflammation and is anti-cancerous? Look no further than beets! 3) Coffee For all the flack that coffee has recently been receiving, it's remarkably a zero calorie option. It has also been shown to increase cognitive function and is a source of antioxidants. coffee 4) Cabbage Cabbage is easy and healthy. It's calorie ratio is 22 per cup, and it's loaded with vitamins and anti-cancer nutrients. Try it in soup, tacos, cole slaw or a variety of salads. 5) Watercress One of the healthiest vegetables, watercress clocks in with a slim 4 calories. Grown in spring water, this leafy lush green is incredible at lowering blood pressure! 6) Kale A superfood you've probably heard about, Kale boasts a tiny 5 calories per cup. Vitamin C rich and nutrient dense, kale goes great in smoothies and in the form of crunchy baked chips. kale 7) Tomatoes 22 calories for a medium sized tomato is a small price to pay for their folate, niacin and vitamin C levels. They provide you glowing skin and lycopene for strong bones. tomatoes Try these foods and share with us your favourite low calorie recipes!  

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