Find Out How Your Relationship Stacks Up To the Norm

Have you ever wondered how your relationship compares to those of your friends? How often do they fight, kiss, cuddle, sleep, eat and get physical together?

It’s a subject we’re all curious about but something we’re certainly shy to bring up with even our closest bestie, so we did you a favour and found the answers for you. Check out the results of this survey by Women's Health Magazine, asking thousands of readers about their relationship habits!

  • How Often They Argue

30% of readers claimed they typically fight once a week and another 22% said once a month. It’s safe to say that there’s nothing abnormal about an argument here and there about whose turn it is to do the laundry.

how often they argue

  • How Often They Get Busy

A whopping 51% of readers claimed they typically get busy with their partners once a week while another 21% said once a day.

how often you get busy

  • Who Initiates Sexy Time

It’s a pretty even tie between both partners when it comes to instigating sex. Guess there’s no denying women want sexy time just as much as men do.

how often they have sexy time

  • How Often They Go On Dates

29% of readers claim they go on dates once a week and 27% say once a month. Finding time for one another away from work and responsibilities is important for maintaining a healthy relationship.

how often they go on dates

  • How Often Do They Share a Bed

Majority, 73% of readers say they sleep in the same bed together – Aw.

how often they share a bed

  • How Often They Eat Dinner Together

50% of readers say they usually have time to share a meal, while 37% say they always do.

how often they eat dinner

  • How Much PDA is A-Okay

41% of readers claim they usually kiss, hug and hold hands in public, 30% say always, and shockingly, 24% claim almost never!

how often they kiss and hug Let us know how your relationship stacks up!

h/t: Women’s Health Mag

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