Find The Best Workout For Your Zodiac Sign!

Can't decide on a new workout routine? Why not let your star sign guide you in the right direction?


You're an optimist who sees the good in everything. So why not try a spirit-lifting mix of martial arts, dance and yoga? It will bring out your creativity and inspire you to stay motivated.


Strong-willed and determined Taurus takes on any challenge that comes her way! If you're looking for something you can stick to, try dance-cardio which is known to effectively trim and tone.


The uber-social Gemini loves a community spirit when it comes to working out. Why not grab some friends and start HIIT workouts! The high intensity interval training sessions can be done at the gym with your crew, and work your full body.


The water sign should hit the beach and try some paddle board yoga. It's totally a thinking-outside-of-the-box type of workout which is your style! Yoga is a great way to get in touch with your sensitive side.


Unleash your daredevil and try rock climbing. The amazing workout tones and conditions your muscles and can be done indoors or outside. Adventurous Leo digs any kind of challenge!


Virgo is known for having a very active mind and body, so release some energy with an aerobics class. Breaking a sweat is good for both your physical and mental state of being.


Your inner goddess will be thanking you for joining a muscle toning pole dancing class! It's a bit of wild fun that really gives you a solid workout. Pole workouts will balance your love of harmony and rhythm.


If you're a Scorpio like Lisa-Marie, than your inner quest is to be at one with your spiritual side and greater awareness. Yoga is your ultimate workout because you want more than flexibility and toned muscles, you crave an experience for the soul.


Hot yoga is calling your name! You tend to be highly analytical and that creates tension within your body. Stretch it out and sweat it out, sister!


Capricorns have an ambitious spirit, a fire within them that needs to be fuelled. Transformative conditioning workouts could be your ideal sport, providing you goals to work towards and achieve.


The wise-beyond-their-years Aquarius requires a workout that clears their mind while toning their figure. Why not try spinning? Studies show it can provide mental clarity along with amazing fitness results.


The gentle Pisces flourishes in graceful situations. So giving barre a go will not only give you an amazing workout but release your inner ballerina. Which Zodiac sign are you? Do you agree with your sign's workout? If you're looking for workouts that suit your sign, check out SweatFlix℠! With over 80 hours of on demand workouts, and new content added all the time, we're sure you'll find what fits! Source: Elle    

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