Finding Motivation by Giving

It's funny how our lives can become one big struggle for motivation.  In relationships, parenting, personal fitness, projects, work...and the list goes on.  After a while of tasking at anything the enthusiasm that we had at the beginning starts to wane and we are left to muddle through.

I've been in the exact same position lately.  Just in a rut from the hecticness that has been life recently.  I have a wonderful family and I love my life but sometimes the daily routine can become monotonous and I loose my groove.  Then my husband and I decided to make a gift to a friend and almost immediately I changed my outlook on life.  I then decided to do more.  I wrote down everything that my husband is talented at-what gifts he possesses.  He is prone to forget just how talented he is and he needed a pick me up.

The funny thing is that by encouraging others and giving of myself...I became more motivated and I was able to get out of my rut.  Life isn't about demanding that others motivate us and that we must be constantly happy but instead it is about finding small ways to encourage those around us.  Try it.  Maybe holding that door open for the mom with three little ones who is pushing a stroller or randomly sending a letter to a friend that's struggling andofferingthem encouragement.  By thinking less about ourselves we are able to focus more on others and our own problems seem to shrink just a little.

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