Finding the real beauty in men.

I came across one of Dove's Real Beauty Sketches the other day. The tagline was 'Imagine a world where beauty is a source of confidence, not anxiety'. I have seen a lot of these documentaries recently basically promoting the inner and outer beauty in women. In this one in particular, a forensic artist asked several women to come into the studio and describe themselves. He never sees the women directly, but sketches them based on what they say. Next, he asks the women to get friendly and chat with one another, and then brings them back in to describe the woman they just spoke to. I definitely teared up after watching this, since it spoke to me in a way that it might to other women. We are so hard on ourselves. It's always easier to see and believe the bad than the good in something. We see our faults, not our assets. This documentary shows how someone else could meet us so briefly, and describe  us in a more beautiful light, than we could ourselves. We have to stop being so hard on ourselves. Start seeing the positive versus the negative. We are our own worst critic. With all this focus on women though, I had yet to see something equivalent for men, until now….. It was set up as a similar experiment to the Dove Real Beauty Sketch above, but this time only included men. It's amazing to see the similarities in both men and women. To see how men see the negative, and not the positive in themselves. It was only when another man was able to describe them, were they able to see their 'real' beauty  as well.   Amazing isn't it? I know it put a smile on my face afterwards. Stop being so hard on yourself, and try to see the real beauty that lies within all of us.

"If what you see by the eye doesn't please you, then close your eyes and see from the heart. Because the heart can see beauty and love more then eyes can ever wonder."

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