'Finger Biscuits' Have Revolutionized Nutella Eating!

Easily the most important news story to date, the way in which we eat our favourite hazelnut spread has been forever changed! Known as 'finger biscuits', these masterfully crafted cookies were invented by an Italian artist. The concept of placing your finger inside a protective cookie and dipping that cookie into a jar of Nutella has saved countless people from the inevitable mess that comes along with late-night snack binges. finger biscuits nutella There has been no proof yet that these modern miracles of the snack world will become mass-produced (or sold with Nutella itself, one can only dream). Perhaps, as demand increases, we will see finger biscuits for peanut butter, almond butter and other spreads. The tiny biscuits are made from a ladyfinger or Fortune cookie recipe. They are light, sweet and have a slight crunch to them. Basically, they are ideal for indulging! snacking ideas healthy There are so many fun things to do with Nutella, from spreading it on fresh fruit like bananas, to smearing it on toast, to treating yourself to a dollop with your morning yogurt parfait. Now the heavenly hazelnut spread has literally endless possibilities. Would you try a finger biscuit? How do you like to eat your Nutella? Source: Elite Daily

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