First Kiss Video Tries To Get Into Your Wallet

Some of you might have seen the video that's gone viral in a matter of days. The video showcases sets of "complete strangers", and has them kiss for the first time on camera. ) We see the awkwardness, the cuteness and the passion all with the different partners, and its so hard not to smile. Viewing the sloppy kisses, nuzzles and  the  instant chemistry between the partners is something kind of amazing to watch as they all share moment that seems pretty courageous. For a minute you think about how great it is something like this could happen. That there is some concrete proof there is still wonder in the world. And then you're faced with the cold hard truth that this is an ad. The clothing company Wren Studio released the statement March 11th that the video was a promotion for their Fall 2014 collection. So these strangers are actually models and actors. Which is probably something we should have picked up on anyway - seeing as the participants were all a little too trendy and on the good looking scale to be a genuine random selection right off the street. So yes they probably are all strangers, having never kissed before, but being an actor or a model means that you are already accustomed to feigning passion and have really developed your skills to look good and cute while kissing. It just comes with the territory. In the end I feel like this originally sweet video has been tainted by a commercial manipulation and construction. Creation of the video has sparked the interest of a filmmaker to do legitimate version of the video, with actual strangers. We will see if the results were as charismatic and captivating as the constructed original. After all, they did look pretty good in those clothes.

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