Fit And Fabulous At 40: We Should Stop Being So Surprised

Eva Longoria was in Marbella, Spain over the weekend attending charity events for the Global Gift Foundation for which she is a celebrity ambassador. It wasn't all charity business for Longoria as she found time to hang out on the beach and relax. eva longoria Gossip mags and celebrity columns are all buzzing with how amazing she looks in her beautiful blue bikini. At age 40, no less. I don't understand why this is such a shock to anyone. There is not some sort of secret timer in all of us that says 'oh, you're 40 now. Time to let yourself go and look like garbage.' eva longoria If a woman can be 'fit and fabulous' (as the Daily Mail dubbed Longoria) at 20 or at 30 than why the heck can't a women be fit and fabulous at 40 or 50? 60? Beyond? Obviously bodies change. It would be foolish to pretend that anyone can look 20 forever but the fact is, there isn't a cap on looking great. There isn't an age limit on being healthy. Longoria clearly takes care of herself and that is what should be applauded. Not this 'she looks great for her age' attitude. eva longoria I'm tired of hearing those qualifiers. A woman doesn't look good for her age. She looks good for any age. Period. What do you think?

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