Fit-Girl Graduate Helps Students Avoid The 'Freshman 15'

If you or someone you know is heading off to college this fall, the fear of stress-induced, booze-fuelled bad eating habits can be overwhelming. Being away from home can leave even the  fittest of students a little lost, so personal trainer and former 'skinny fat girl' Zanna Van Dijk has dedicated her career to being a health and workout guide! staying fit college tips At 22, the London-native has been through the struggles of surviving on campus. slim toned blonde abs "When I became a student I started getting out of shape, by my standards. Turning that around was a slow process and a huge learning curve. I was clueless when I began." she explains. "I couldn't even boil an egg, let alone make a fully fledged balanced meal." Zanna described her younger self as 'skinny fat', because she was slenderly built but in poor physical shape and ate tremendous amounts of junk food. Now she has an Instagram following of over 60,000 and is promoting staying toned, nourished and healthy even while cramming for exams. zanna van dijk fit girl "Make communal meals with your flatmates, go to the gym together, hit group classes and keep each other on track." Zanna recommends to students. "Focus on getting in some greens - whether that's in your morning smoothie, a salad at lunch or with your dinner. Pick up some healthy cook books prior to going to uni, and maybe even try out some basic recipes before you get there." university freshman 15 Zanna also says that students need to remember to take alcohol in moderation. She doesn't advocate binge drinking and says that will be a major culprit to packing on the pounds. What are your top tips for keeping fit at school? Source: Daily Mail

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