Fit Mommy: Carrie Underwood Works Out With Baby Isaiah!

Country star Carrie Underwood loves getting fit, and she's not slowing down after the birth of her son. Carrie and 6-month-old cutie, Isaiah like to hit the playground for some pull-ups and jog around the neighbourhood. Carrie, 32, warms up and cools down all with her little bundle of joy in tow. carrie underwood fit mom “Sometimes we’ll go for a run with lots of hills, stop at a park to do some pull ups, push ups, step ups and other fun body weight stuff." the Grammy winner remarks. “Having a baby definitely changes your routine, and I have to work around his schedule.” The busy mom already looks amazing! She owes her jaw-dropping figure to lots of exercise, eating right and managing her stress level. She has completely cut down her junk food intake and started cooking fresh, natural meals for herself and her family. Carrie also stayed in shape during her pregnancy with Isaiah, which she says did wonders for her post-baby body. pregnancy exercise health “To be able to continue your regimen right after your pregnancy, you had to try your hardest to keep up with your workouts during your pregnancy.” she says. “Maintaining your fitness levels during will allow you to kick start your post much more quickly.” What are your tips to staying in shape pre- and post- baby? Is Carrie one of your fit inspirations? Source: Celebrity Babies   Do you follow us on Instagram?
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