Fit Moms of Instagram: Yoga Edition

I am a serious yoga junky. One of the things I love to do is participate in the yoga community on Instagram. Hater's gonna hate, and I don't care, but, yes, I am that #Yogi who does #IGChallenges, attempts to take awesome #InstaYoga pictures, and does #YogaEveryDamnDay no matter where I am. On occasion, I'll even do a little #StopDropandYoga when called upon by other #YogaFriends and #FitMoms. Speaking of I am going to share with you some of the most fabulous yogi fit moms in the IG community. They inspire me, and I know they will inspire you too! Below are five of my favorite Fit Moms of Instagram: Fit Mom Yogi #1: @Monn_Cheri This hot mom and beach yogi goddess has been doing yoga since 2010 and has tons of awesome pictures in her IG feed. (Image credit: @Monn_Cheri) 1     (Image Credit: @Monn_Cheri) 4   (Image Credit:@Monn_Cheri) 3 (Image Credit: @Monn_Cheri) 2   Fit Mom Yogi #2: @CHINADOLL_YOGI When I was eight months pregnant I could barely get my pants on in the morning, let alone do yoga. So this yogi momma is my hero (I mean, she kind of looks like one, doesn't she?). (Image Credit: @Chinadoll_yogi) 6   (Image Credit: @chinadoll_yogi) 5 Fit Mom Yogi #3: @SummerPerez With over 20k followers on Instagram, this yogi mom is not only extremely fit, and a talented yogi-- but her pictures are stunning. She proves that even after babies, you can have some serious abs of steel! (Image Credit: @SummerPerez) photo 3-3     (Image Credit: @SummerPerez) photo 2-3     (Image Credit: @SummerPerez) photo 4-3 Fit Mom Yogi #4: @SDHARAMR This yogi mom has beautiful bright photos, and even does poses in super chilly weather! My favorites are her poses in front of urban street art. 11     (Image Credit: @sdharamr) 1     (Image Credit: @sdharamr) 2   Fit Mom Yogi #5: @LIGHTFULYOGINI This yogi mom lives in Minnesota, and when I look at her beautiful pictures they make me go "burrr" because one of the things she does is handstands in SNOW. Yes people, snow.  I am naturally in awe. Of course, she also does stunning poses indoors too. (Image Credit: @lightfulyogini) 14   (Image Credit: @lightfulyogini) 15   *If you loved these photos and want more, you can find a plethora of inspiring yoga moms on IG by searching #YogaMom and #FitMoms.*   

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