Fitness Blogger Shuts Down Unrealistic Fitspiration On Instagram

We've all seen the amazing before and after shots on Instagram. But, many of them are not real. Sophie Kay is a personal trainer and a fitness blogger who had enough of the phoniness. In a recent post, she shows that with some tricks of light and angling, you can transform your body in a matter of minutes. Those before and after photos were separated by a mere three minutes. Want to know how she did it? She turned off her overhead light, put on better fitting undies, turned away from the camera and applied an Instagram filter. Sophie's message is a valuable one. She wants the world to see that being fit and healthy isn't about looking a certain way, it is about knowing your body and what it needs. There are general "rules" to being fit but in the end, it is so individual and dependent on your bodily functioning. All we see before us as inspiration on Instagram can sometimes leave us feeling like we have to change ourselves to fit into a certain "look." That pressure can eat you alive. Use Sophie's post as a reminder that often what you are seeing isn't real at all. It is a filtered, manipulated version of reality. Stop worrying about what anyone else looks like and do what makes you feel good in your skin. It is okay to look to external sources for inspiration but at the end of the day, you owe nothing to anyone but yourself. h/t: Seventeen Do you follow us on Instagram? snapchat code  


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